Zasilacz laboratoryjny programowany 2x30V/2x3A+5V/5A UTP3303C UNI-T

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UTP3300C series are high performance programmable linear DC power supplies with single channel output and process control. They can meet diversified measurement needs with pure signal output, competitive specifications and a variety of interfaces.

Model UTP3303C
Output voltage 0~30V (CH1/CH2)
Output current 0~3A (CH1/CH2)
Output power 195W
Load regulation Voltage <0.01%+3mV
Current <0.1%+5mA
Line regulation Voltage <0.01%+3mV
Current <0.1%+3mA
Resolution Voltage 10mV
Current 1mA
Accuracy (25℃±5℃) Voltage <0.5%+20mV
Current <0.5%+5mA
Ripple (20Hz~20MHz) Voltage ≤1mVrms
Current ≤3mArms
Output temperature
Voltage ≤150ppm
Current ≤150ppm
Voltage rise delay ≤100ms (10% rated load)
Parallel/Series load regulation ≤0.1%+0.1V
CH3 output features Voltage 5V
Current 3A
Voltage accuracy ±50mV
Load regulation ±50mV
Interfaces USB Device, RS-232
General Characteristics
Power AC 100V/120V/220V/230V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz
Display 4 windows, LED
Product net weight 6.5kg
Product size 260mm x 176mm x 317mm
Standard accessories USB and RS-232 interface cables, output cables, PC software CD