Miernik cęgowy UT278A UNI-T

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UT278A Clamp Earth Ground Tester

UT270 series can quickly and safely measure the grounding system without disconnecting circuit ground lines or the need of auxiliary electrodes. It can measure resistance from 0.01Ω with a resolution of 0.001Ω. UT275 can measure leakage current up to 30A. These clamps’double insulation design makes them durable tools for outdoor work and effective in blocking interference signals from the environment.

Applications: Grounding resistance measurement in electricity, telecommunication, meteorology, oilfield, architecture and industrial electric equipment

Specifications Range UT278A
Earth Ground Resistance (Ω) 0.01~0.099Ω ±(1%+0.01)
0.1~0.99Ω ±(1%+0.01)
1~49.9Ω ±(1%+0.1)
50~99.5Ω ±(2%+0.5)
100~199Ω ±(3%+1)
200~395Ω ±(6%+5)
400~590Ω ±(10%+10)
600~800Ω ±(20%+20)
800~1200Ω ±(25%+30)
Leakage current (A) 0mA~9mA ±(2.5%+1mA)
10mA~99mA ±(2.5%+5mA)
100mA~299mA ±(2.5%+10mA)
0.3A~2.99A ±(2.5%+0.1A)
3A~9.9A ±(2.5%+0.3A)
10A~20A ±(2.5%+0.5A)
3A~30A ±(2.5%+0.5A)
Display count    4 digits LCD display
Jaw opening   32mm
Resistance measurement
Single measurement time 1 second
Current limit alarm 1mA~499mA
Current measurement
Auto power off    
Visual and audible alarm  
Jamming signal recognition  
Over-range display  
Data storage   99
General Characterisitics
Power 1.5V battery (LR6) x 4
Display 47mm x 28.5mm
Product color Red and grey
Product net weight 1160g
Product size 285mm x 85mm x 56mm
Standard accessories Batteries, test ring, tool box
Standard individual packing Gift box, English manual