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  • Kod handlowy: UT-682D
  • Producent: UNI-T
  • Kod producenta: 5901890044813
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UT682D Wire Tracker consists of a transmitter and a receiver, it is able to track ethernet/telephone/power cables without opening their insulation.

UT682 can troubleshoot ethernet cables and is a recommended tool for debugging communication cables and audio/video cables.
Applications: It can used to test continuity and check polarity on telephone lines.

Specifications Range
Wire tracking features

Wire types: Telephone line\twisted-pair\electric wire

Telephone lines tracking distance: ≥3000m
Polarity indication for
telelphone lines
DCV function, range:
Telephone lines and LAN cables distinction Jacks distinction
Transmitter output voltage: 8 VDC with a new battery
Transmitter power supply 9V battery
Receiver power supply 9V battery
Max receiver standby current ~10mA
Max receiver operating current <40mA (AC, RMS)
Transmitter input voltage protection 60 VDC
General Characterisitics
Product color Red and grey
Product net weight Transmitter-150g, Receiver-130g
Product size Transmitter-74 x 68 x 28mm, receiver-208 x 47 x 33mm
Standard accessories 9V battery x 2
Standard individual packing English manual