Development Board, Freescale

    Kod handlowy: TRW-KL21F120M
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TWR-K21F120MA Low-Power 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 MCUs with floating PointUnit, USB Connectivity and Enhanced Security
Development Board, Freescale

The TWR-K21F120MA microcontroller module is designed to work either in standalone mode or as part of the Freescale Tower System, a modular development platform that enables rapid prototyping and tool re-use through reconfigurable hardware.

Take your design to the next level and begin constructing your Tower System today by
visiting for additional Tower System microcontroller modules and compatible peripherals.

For TWR-K21F120MA specific information and updates visit

Freescale (obecnie NXP)
Produkt oryginalny, polecany profesjonalistom